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The Fifth Trooper Network Blog. All about Star Wars: Legion!

A Star Wars Fan Finds a War-gaming World

About a year ago I walked into a gaming store that was in my friends [...]

Designer Notes: Star Wars Legion Custom Mats

Before I start talking about the status of the mats I first want to thank [...]

LVO – The Data Article, Part One

I love me some data.  Don’t you love you some data?  Strap on some assless [...]

LVO Top 6 lists and (brief) Recap

Unless you have been wallowing in a Sarlaac pit, you probably know that the Las [...]

Kickstarters Anonymous Part 2 – When designing in an echo chamber you only hear yourself.

I began this game as I am sure most creators do with an idea and [...]

Getting minis table ready for Star Wars: Legion Pt 1

Before we begin, I’d like to start with a disclaimer – I am in no [...]

Competitive List Building For Dummies

This week I’m partnering with one of my good friends, Kevin from the Imperial Discipline [...]

Kickstarters Anonymous Part 1 – Supply is demanding …

Hi, my name is Jay Shelanskey and I am a Kickstarter failure. <Crowd> Hi Jay… [...]

Han Solo

General Solo, is your strike team assembled? Everyone’s favorite scruffy looking nerf-herder, Han Solo is [...]

Invader data wrap and Yavin Base Team League lists

Invader League Season 2 came.  Invader League Season 2 went.  We hardly knew ye, Invader [...]