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Pure Pazaak: An Introduction to Bidding

To Bid or not to Bid, that is the ultimate question. Bidding in Star Wars [...]

How to Learn from a Loss

This past week I had a game that was rather frustrating. It’s, perhaps, the first [...]

Sabotaging the Meta – Daniel Lupo

This week we welcome guest writer Daniel Lupo, who won an invite to worlds by [...]

List Building: Activation Count and Control

  Short piece here, since I’m in Aruba and have some time to kill….and of [...]

Cohesion as a Beginner

No, this isn’t a post about super gluing your fingers together, but we have all [...]

Staying on Target

I’ve collectively played about ten games of Legion, and plan on playing tonight! Throughout these [...]

Recon Intel – What does it mean for the game?

Recon Intel With the release of the Imperial Royal Guard and impending release of Wookie [...]

Officers’ Mess: Wonder Twins

This article will be the first in a series of articles eloquently dubbed “Officers’ Mess.”  [...]

Suppression Tables

Quick article this week, as I am prepping to have my hopes and dreams crushed [...]

Defensive Metrics – Effective Wounds

This week we are taking a break from the unit deep dives to look at [...]