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Clearing Up Your Movement Confusion

The Star Wars: Legion Rules Reference uses several different phrases to describe the different kinds [...]

Krossk in the Modern Era

I’ll begin with a disclaimer, I’m not a bleeding edge competitive player. I do like [...]

The Road to Worlds – 2020 – Part IV – Always in Motion

The Road to Worlds – 2020 – Part IV – Always in Motion Welcome back [...]

Corps Unit Upgrade Packs

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Outer Rim Tactics: Certified Cover 1 (or 2) for All!

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3 Powerful List Archetypes

“Archetype” is a fancy word for recurring patterns, themes or styles. This article aims to [...]

The Road to Worlds – 2020 -Part III – Viva Las Vader

The Road to Worlds – 2020 – Part III – Viva Las Vader It’s been [...]

Outer Rim Tactics: Positive Turn Zero and Objective Plays

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Five Ways to Win More Games of Star Wars Legion

Playing Legion, or really any tabletop miniatures game, is a skill. You’ll hear a lot [...]

Outer Rim Tactics: Melee Range and Terrain Scoping

Welcome to the first edition of Outer Rim Tactics, where I will go in-depth on [...]