Mississippi Pot Roast

You have all been asking for this for so long and its time we deliver. [...]

Honest Look: Organizing Invader League

As many of you may know, I am the new Tournament Organizer for Invader League [...]

Have you ever heard about the tragedy of Evan trying to shoot video?

           I am sitting at my desk staring at grainy video [...]

Big Game Hunter – Tackling Tauntauns

This article is not, in any way, a defense of Tauntauns as a balanced unit. [...]

Outer Rim Tactics: Control Pieces and Positive Plays

It’s been some time, but welcome back to the next installment of Outer Rim Tactics! [...]

“I have altered the deal” – Changes to Competitive Play

There was a BIG update recently for competitive Star Wars: Legion players! For those of [...]

The Road to Worlds – Part V – The Dark Times

The Road to Worlds – Part V – The Dark Times Welcome back, You thought [...]

New and Improved Competitive Theme

Something tells me the game is about to see more theme than ever! As many [...]

Things to do in deep space…

Hey everyone!  I hope you are all healthy and safe during these strange times.  As [...]

Vital Assets and you – A modest guide

Vital Assets is the newest, hottest, supposed-to-have-been-released-already thing to not hit the shelves for Legion.  [...]